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SHRM at Nicholls State Case Competition Results- Houston, Texas

    March 13, 2017


    A big congratulations to the two SHRM at Nicholls State University teams that competed in Houston, Texas for the regional SHRM case competition. For their first time attending, the teams represented Nicholls well!

    The undergraduate team consisting of Mary Gauthe, Seth Cheramie, and Matthew Bergeron placed 8th out of 20 schools. The rankings are as follows:

    1. University of Memphis
    2. Texas Woman's University
    3. University of Houston
    4. Texas State University
    5. University of Puerto Rico
    6. Athens State University
    7. University of Texas- El Paso
    8. Nicholls State University
    9. Murray State University
    10. West Texas A&M University
    11. Baylor University
    12. Hong Kong Baptist University
    13. San Jose State University
    14. Universidad Panamericana
    15. Minnesota State University
    16. University of South Alabama
    17. Houghton College
    18. University of Central Arkansas
    19. Cameron University
    20. University of Texas at Arlington

    The graduate team consisting of Robbie Petty, Stephen LeBoeuf, and Nick Hana placed 4th out of 9 schools. The rankings are as follows:

    1. Eastern Michigan University
    2. San Jose University
    3. West Texas A&M University
    4. Nicholls State University
    5. Marshall University
    6. Cameron University
    7. Columbus State University
    8. The University of Texas at El Paso
    9. New Mexico State University

    SHRM at Nicholls State would like to thank everyone for their support in helping the teams compete and get to have this amazing opportunity!