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    Sitting is the New Smoking

    Date: May 11, 2017, 11:30am
    Sherl Turner
    Plantation Inn Houma
    1381 W. Tunnel Blvd
    Houma, LA 70360
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    Sitting is the New Smoking!

    Our often sedentary lifestyles and jobs are costly for us and our employees.  With the average American spending 7.7 hours of their day in a sedentary state, it's no wonder this health crisis has become national news.  Join Wendy King, Director of Health & Performance with HUB International, as she details why sitting is so dangerous to our health, and the creative ways we as employers can change the course and get our employees up off their seats more often.

    In this session you will learn:

    1. How’d we get here? What are the major factors that have shifted the our country to such a sedentary environment.
    2. Why “sitting disease” is so dangerous, as it relates to specific risks and disease states.
    3. The science behind what a sedentary lifestyle does to the human body.
    4. Practical ways to shift the paradigm at your workplace.


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